Part Assembly - Product Assembly Services

Enhance your production flexibility.

We are able to take on a wide array of assembly jobs, while always taking pride in our speed, flexibility, and above all quality. Excal Product Assembly benefits:

  • Improve focus on core competencies.
  • Free internal resources for other uses
  • Provide increased capacity and growth
  • Accelerate "time-to-market"
Excal Product Assembly
Excal Productc Re-Work

Product Rework Services

Cost effective quality rework.

If non-conforming product rework is indicated, Excal engineering will present cost effective quality rework methods to your company's quality and engineering departments to rework the identified parts within our facilities to your specifications.

Let Excal's highly proficient and experienced Product Rework services work for you. We have a proven track record in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Consumer Industries and is approved by many OEM and Tired suppliers.

Product Re-Packing Services

From re-packaging to distribution.

Excal has the capability to receive raw materials, re-package inventory into containers based on your specifications, and distribute re-packaged inventory to your desired location. If your objective is greater efficiency, reduced cost, greater volume, reduced warehousing space, an end to hiring and maintaining your own workforce, or increased quality, Excal is the answer as value-added partner.

Large, small, seasonal, or continuous projects, contact Excal for a no obligation quote on your packaging and assembly needs.

Excal Product Re-Packaging
Excal Product Decoration

Part Decoration - Product Decoration Services

The capabilities you need.

Excal's Decorating Processes for Automotive, Medical, Defense, and Consumer products will consistently exceed your expectations. Our Part Decorating Tooling and Process capabilities deliver cost effective, innovative, and reliable solutions to meet any volume requirement.

Our Part Decorating services include Hot Stamping, Pad Printing, Silk Screening and Adhesive Bonding. Click below to see our services in detail...

Product Decorating Services

Cost Effective Outsourcing

Our specialized Secondary Operation processes
can be designed to meet any customer need.


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